Margaret Kaminski, founder and organizer of Brooklyn's PotterCon. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Paper.

Margaret Kaminski, founder and organizer of Brooklyn's PotterCon. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Paper.

PotterCon is Brooklyn's #1 daydrinking convention for adult Harry Potter fans, founded and organized by Margaret Kaminski. In its inaugural year at The Bell House in Gowanus, PotterCon 2014 attracted over 600 guests from across the tri-state area. This past year, the 400-ticket presale sold out in under a week almost a month in advance. On August 1st, 2015, almost 1,000 attendees waited in line for up to three hours to participate in the day's festivities, including a live comedian-hosted sorting ceremony, trivia, a costume contest, and various Hogwarts-themed treats and cocktails. 

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