E! Live From the Red Carpet

During awards season, Margaret puts her encyclopedic pop culture knowledge to the test as a writer for E! Live From the Red Carpet. She has been known to scour through celebrity Instagrams until she loses feeling in her thumbs, and has acquired enough random celebrity factoids to get through any cocktail party conversation in the universe. Check out some of her favorite clips below.

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Cardi B at the 2018 Grammy Awards

Cardi B is so nervous to be at the Grammys, she has butterflies.... everywhere.

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Millie Bobby Brown at the 2018 SAG Awards

Millie Bobbie Brown is only 13 years old, but already has a million fans (including Drake). What does she do when she wants to feel like a normal teen?

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Rachel Bloom at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards

Rachel Bloom explains why she paid for her own red carpet Gucci gown, and what's too taboo for network TV.