Who is this "Margaret Kaminski" lady, anyway?

Margaret is a writer and editor with experience crafting copy for ad agencies, magazines, TV, and events. She specializes in writing for teens and young adults (but as an adult woman who wept through the 2016 finale of Austin & Ally, she will not judge any grown-ups who like her stuff, too.).

Margaret's hobbies and interests include Disney Channel original movie musicals, half-hour TV comedies with a female lead, pop-punk boy bands, spending time with dogs, and discussing time travel, feminism, Harry Potter plot holes and Harry Styles hair styles with strangers on the subway.

Despite her youthful interests, she knows how to get stuff done. Check out her CV and see for yourself. 

I want to work with her!

You totally can! Take a look at her portfolio and shoot her an e-mail.  Seriously, there is nothing in this world she loves more than getting a new e-mail in her "primary" tab. Well, maybe a really well-curated early 2000s pop playlist... But e-mails are a close second.