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Who is this “Margaret Kaminski” lady, anyway?

Margaret Kaminski is a writer and editor with experience crafting copy for ad agencies, magazines, TV, and events. She specializes in writing for teens and young adults (but as an adult woman who wept through the 2016 finale of Austin & Ally, she will not judge any grown-ups who like her stuff, too.).

Margaret's interests include (but are not limited to): time travel, feminism, gender politics in sci-fi, changing her hair color, trying new foods she can’t pronounce, anything adapted from a comic book, Harry Potter plot holes, and Harry Styles’ hair styles.

While she waits for the eclipse that will undoubtedly awaken her long-dormant superpowers (she thinks it might be a fire or electricity thing? But would settle for telekinesis…), you can often find her writing. Check out her CV to see what she’s been working on lately. 


She seems cool. Now what?

Up to you, bud. Ball’s in your court. Maybe shoot her an e-mail? Follow her on Instagram or Twitter? Tell her who you’re rooting for on this season of Top Chef (but only if it’s Kelsey or Eric)? Don’t be shy - she loves to chat with strangers. Seriously. She texts with her baristas. She once visited her waiter in Japan. Odds are good you two will get along.